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Samsung NX1 Full Features Review

Samsung NX1 Review

The Samsung NX1 has been fairly innovative in you world. It was samsung‘s first to present a Wi-Fi system that is truly comprehensive. Android-based electronic camera (although Nikon released the design at the same time), and probably the first devoted ‘ selfie cams ‘ with design DualView. The company has yet to come up with something new, the amount of your time and effort in the mirrorless fanatic. Until now, the biggest indicator with rear lighting was 1″-type (around 1/3rd the dimension APS-C). NX1 is widely used among the population who use-good DSLR and Nikon mirrorless-like D7200, Canon …

2017 Samsung Galaxy NX Review

Samsung Galaxy NX Review

This locations New Samsung in a unique position. It could well be the only digital Camera manufacturer (apart from maybe Sony) that has the know-how to design and provide an Android-powered “connected camera” without having to source either digital Camera or mobile technology on the outside. The first result of this mixture of technology was …

The New 2017 Samsung NX500 Review

Samsung NX500 Review

The New 2017 Samsung NX500 – With the launch of its NX1, New samsung revealed that they can play with the ‘big boys’ in the fanatic ILC field. The company’s NX500 delivers the majority of the functions from the NX1 and put them into a small body system with a more consumer-friendly cost. The most …