New Canon 1400D More Feature and Release Date Info

The Canon 1400D is going to be released very soon since the camera with the code name “DS 12670″ has been registered at two different certification agencies Taiwan NCC America FCC. At a time, nothing many information has been revealed yet unless a few including its dimension and connectivity. The new registered camera from Canon is going to be the successor of current Canon 1300D, which was released back in March 2016. Whether or not we see vast improvement in upcoming Canon 1400D will

Fixes new feature

Despite the need or its lack, producers of SLR camera try to update all lines of their models during a particular period of time. If we discuss high-end cameras, the creativity is almost unlimited here: they spent a great deal of money into creating and including additional features, and now we have either a more practical agreement of control buttons, or a great capturing rate, a picture quality, or something else, then they brought up the price up to 200$-500$, done. But cameras of the entry-level are slightly different due to their budget.

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It turns out that they need to upgrade the line, with this aim they need to add some new features or improve some characteristics. But cameras of the entry-level differ from those of the middle-level just in a couple of the characteristics. They need to make improvements to some extent, otherwise, the average level of sales won’t succeed. As a result, Nikon happened to release two practically identical models in a row (D5500 and D5600).

Canon EOS 1400D Release Date and Price

The release date of the model is set to the first half of 2018. The price will increase by approximately 100$, namely, it will cost about $400.

Canon EOS 1400D Conclusions

 Unfortunately, manufacturers of SLR cameras, releasing new models in the line, please only absolute beginners in photography who want to buy their first SLR. Those who already have e.g. 1100D, 1200D or even 1300D are almost sure not to look in the direction of the EOS 1400D when it enters the market. The fact that the maximum value of ISO increased twice seems to be good, in fact, everyone is interested in “working” ISO, which will increase by 50-100 and it does not fully satisfy. To move to a new camera is advisable only in the case when you can significantly expand your capabilities, which did not exist till then.