The Lens Sony FE F2.8 ZA Key Features And Specification Review

The Sony FE F2.8 ZA is one of the first three contacts available for Sony full-frame E-mount program, having been declared together with the Leader 7 and 7R camera systems. It provides a traditional average wideangle perspective that’s well-suited to a variety of topics, such as such things as reportage or road photography. It uses a 7-element, 5-group visual style, which contains three aspherical components to reduce aberrations.

Sony FE 35mm F2.8 ZA
Sony FE 35mm F2.8 ZA

The Sony FE F2.8 ZA is a fairly lightweight lens (it’s 37mm / 1.5″ long, and is just 120g / 4.2 oz) which creates for a very mobile mixture when used with the A7 or A7R. The other side of this, though, is its relatively slowly highest possible aperture F2.8 is remarkably people for today’s primary. Despite this, it still instructions top quality expenses, potentially as a outcome of that red Zeiss logo. It is about $800 / £680 / €800 at the time of composing, significance it’s considerably more expensive than other complete structure Negatives contacts like the Canon EF F2 IS USM (which is a quit quicker, and contains picture stabilisation) or the recently-launched Nikon AF-S Nikkor Negatives f/1.8G. However the little Negatives F2.8 does look like a very organic partner to the A7 twin babies.

Sony FE F2.8 ZA Key Features

  • 35mm central length
  • F2.8 maximum aperture
  • FE lens for full structure Sony models E-mount cameras (also works on APS-C E-mount models)

Sony FE F2.8 ZA Images Quality


Sharpness is great. The Negatives is incredibly distinct in the center of the structure start up at F2.8, and while it’s not quite so great towards the sides, it’s still fairly. The greatest outcomes overall across the structure come from F5.6-F11, much as we’d anticipate on complete structure. Indeed at F5.6 the main sharpness is basically off the maps here (helped by being examined on the AA-filterless 36MP A7R). Normally diffraction causes some conditioning at f22, but it’s not extreme, significance this establishing should be entirely useful when detail of area is important.

Chromatic Aberration

Chromatic aberration is fairly low. There’s a little blue/yellow fringing towards the sides of the structure, but this type tends to be relatively unobjectionable creatively. It’ll be instantly fixed by the digital camera’s JPEG handling too.


Vignetting is the closest thing the Negatives has to a listlessness. It gets to 1.8 prevents in the sides start up, although to be reasonable this is fairly common for a small F2.8 primary. However the vignetting never quite goes away on avoiding down; even at F8 there’s still 1.3 prevents falloff.


The Negatives reveals a unique distortions information, with somewhat recognizable gun barrel distortions seems only towards the sides of the structure (a 1:1 plants from the center would look near-perfectly corrected). This distortions will be noticeable in geometric arrangements such as structural photos, and need profiled improvements in post-processing.


From the lab analyze outcomes, the Sony FE F2.8 ZA is a fairly little lens. It does not quite obtain the same levels as the FE 55mm F1.8, but it’s still remarkably distinct. It’s also very little, convenient, but this does come with some trade-offs, particularly in regards to vignetting.

Sony FE F2.8 ZA Specifications

Principal specifications
Lens type Prime lens
Max Format size 35mm FF
Focal length 35 mm
Image stabilization No
Lens mount Sony FE
Maximum aperture F2.8
Minimum aperture F22
Aperture ring No
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Elements 7
Groups 5
Special elements / coatings 3 aspheric elements
Minimum focus 0.35 m (13.78)
Maximum magnification 0.12×
Autofocus Yes
Motor type Stepper motor
Full time manual Unknown
Focus method Internal
Distance scale No
DoF scale No
Weight 120 g (0.26 lb)
Diameter 62 mm (2.44)
Length 37 mm (1.46)
Materials Metal barrel, metal mount
Sealing Yes
Colour Black
Filter thread 49.0 mm
Filter notes Lens hood accepts 40.5mm filters
Hood supplied Yes
Hood product code ALC-SH129