The Release New: Yongnuo YN 35mm F2 Key Features and Images Quality Review

The 35mm f/2 is the second lens announced by chinese brand Yongnuo, best known for its low cost accessories and flash heads, alternative to Canon and Nikon. Launched in 2015 after the 50mm f/1.8, the 35mm f/2 follows a different path from its older sister. While the nifty fifty was a plastic fantastic clone to Canon’s well regarded 50mm f/1.8 II, this 35 is a whole new product, bigger and lighter than the vintage EF 35 f/2. It revolves around the same selling point: for just US$99 you get a fully automatic lens, with focus and aperture motors, and a complete optical formula, covering up to the 135 full frame format (56mm APS-C equiv.). Is it possible to make a sub-US$100 full frame wide angle? Let’s find out! nice reading.

Yongnuo YN 35mm
Yongnuo YN 35mm

Yongnuo YN F2 key Features

  • YN EF mount
  • AF/MF
  • Minimum aperture f/22
  • Minimum Concentrating Range 0.25m/0.8ft
  • Maximum Zoom 0.23X
  • Filter Size 52mm
  • Diameter & Duration 73 x 59mm
  • Weight ~155g

Yongnuo YN F2 Images Quality

With a 7 components in 5 categories system organized on a double-Gauss style, we probably shouldn’t anticipate much from the Yongnuo Negatives f/2 visual efficiency. And it provides combined results: while it had it’s minutes of elegance with the EOS M at enhanced apertures, it’s never really distinct at f/2, the purpose to have it on your kit. The start up quality is inadequate due to significant rounded distortions, that doesn’t provide a set picture aircraft, creating the sides look out of concentrate. And the axial chromatic aberrations are noticeable on shiny exposures, nothing new from huge aperture primes. It’s difficult to suggest it even your topics take a position out on their own.

Yongnuo YN 35mm Image resolution

Yongnuo YN 35mm Image resolution

Picture resolution

The quality analyze (resolution significance here the MTF50 function) of the Yongnuo YN 35 mm f/2.0 was centered on RAW information from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III. In the situation of that response digicam the decency stage is located near 30-32 lpmm and the best set concentrate contacts can achieve as high as 44-47 lpmm. Let’s examine how the examined device analyzes here.

Yongnuo YN 35mm Picture resolution
Yongnuo YN 35mm Picture resolution Photo By Azis Photography

Chromatic aberration

The longitudinal chromatic aberration is not a serious issue for the Yongnuo 2/35 although its minor impact continues to be recognizable. It is a awesome part of information, especially if you evaluate it to the efficiency of e.g. the much more costly Nikkor AF-S 35 mm f/1.8G ED. However that outcome is not as good as the outcome of the Canon EF 35 mm f/2 IS USM.


Spherical aberration

When it comes to the rounded aberration it is certainly not fixed in an ideal way. First of all, on moving from f/2.0 to f/2.8 you see that the detail of area goes a bit towards the more time ranges. It is really a small “focus shift” impact. Secondly ugly defocused mild sectors also results in a lot to be preferred. It is recognizable that the group right in front side of the main concentrate has a mild center and the group behind the main concentrate – a black center.

Yongnuo YN 35mm Spherical aberration
Yongnuo YN 35mm Spherical aberration Photo By Azis Photography

Astigmatism might be another reason. Its level is not as high as that of the coma but it is rather bothersome. In fact it could also be turned into a textbook example; below you can find a graph with measurements we got using our biggest testing chart. MTFs for vertical border and horizontal border are marked separately.


Like the Canon EF 35 mm f/2.0, the Yongnuo lens is without the ultrasound auto-focus engine. When it is effective you can listen to a visible whirr. Still its rate is nothing you can grumble about – operating through the whole range range and establishing the main concentrate requires about 0.5-0.6 of a second. It would be difficult to the auto-focus procedure precise because the number of overlooks in studio room circumstances surpassed 11%. It is not a bad outcome but contemporary contacts more often than not stand up here clearly better. On the EOS 5D Mk III it targeted a little bit before the focus on. Still we were able to remove that problem by establishing the AF microregulation at 4 models.

Out of Focus / Bokeh

Being a wider lens, the DOF is not as shallow as the longer lenses that are more popular with portraits. Take the two above water shots. The bikini one, cropped as such, I was maybe ten feet from Aleey. The background blurs a bit, and isn’t as harsh as I expected, it’s fairly nice. But in the green skirt shot above, even 5 feet further away, the background becomes much less blurred.

Yongnuo YN 35mm Bokeh
Yongnuo YN 35mm Bokeh Photo By Azis Photography

That having been said, when the lens is used in such a way to allow for background blur, it’s pretty nice. Nothing to call home about, but not haggard like the Canon and Nikon 50/1.8s can be. Decently soft and blurred, without any distracting elements. Similar to the Canon when shot wide open.

Yongnuo YN F2 Specifications

Manufacturer Yongnuo
Model YN 35 mm f/2.0
Lens style Wide angle
Focal length 35 mm
Maximum aperture f/2
Angle of view 63.4 o
Closest focusing distance 0.25 m
Maximum magnification 1:4.3
Minimum aperture 22
Number of diaphragm blades 7
Auto focus type AF / MF
Lens Construction 7 elements / 5 groups
Filter diameter 52 mm
Macro No
Available mounts Canon EF
Nikon F
Dimensions 59 x 73 mm
Weight 155 g
Additional information Premier: 2015