Yongnuo YN 40mm f/2.8N Features And Specification Review

Yongnuo released an inexpensive 40mm F2.8 lens for Canon install. There was a thing then that Nikon edition would come soon – and it seems the time for that has lastly come. Not only they will soon existing us with the 100mm f/2 lens for Nikon, but they’ll also existing a hot cake 100mm F2 Both contact contacts will be for Nikon F-mount, targeted mainly at complete structure cameras.

Yongnuo YN 40mm f2.8N
Yongnuo YN 40mm f2.8N

It seems that so far the company has been targeted more on releasing products for Canon. They just provide a Negatives f/2 and a 50mm f/1.8 lens for Nikon. However, according to the publish on Nikon Gossips, two more contact contacts will soon be available for Nikon photographers. Both contact contacts come with resilient steel installs and multilayer covering for improving transmitting of mild and decreasing glare. The 40mm f/2.8 will have six aperture rotor blades, while the 100mm f/2 will have nine.

Yongnuo YN 40mm f2.8N
Yongnuo YN 40mm f2.8N

On the surface of both lenses is a multilayer coating that helps reduce glare. The side of each lens features a focus distance indicator for setting distance and judging your depth of field. At the base of both lenses is a durable metal mount that uses gold-plated contacts for increased signal and corrosion resistance. Once photos are captured with these lenses, details about the exposure (e.g. aperture setting) are correctly saved by your Nikon DSLR to the photo’s EXIF data.

Yongnuo YN 40mm f/2.8N Features

  • Finishing Aspheric Lens: YN40mm F2.8N provides completing aspheric lens, which successfully make up various aberration.
  • Firmware Upgrade: YN40mm F2.8N has USB slot.To sustain highest possible interface and efficiency, the firmware of the lens can be modified. Please obtain the newest firmware from the offical YONGNUO web page.
  • F2.8 Huge Aperture: F2.8 shiny and enormous aperture allows to cloud out the qualifications and emphasize the topic.
  • Two Concentrate Ways Supported: Automatic Concentrate (AF) and Guide Concentrate (MF): YN40mm F2.8N facilitates auto focus and manual focus. You may select focus method according to the realistic capturing needs.
  • 6pcs of Aperture Blades: With 6pcs of Aperture rotor blades, YN40mm F2.8N allows making curved defocused areas, or prevents down to make impact of 12 celebrities.
  • Durable Steel Mount: YN40mm F2.8N assumes firefox coated and high-precision metal install, which is reliable with you. The install is wearable, corrosion-resistantand resilient.
  • Equipped with Concentrate Range Indicator: YN40mm F2.8N has focus distance indication. It’s realistic for you to assess ranges and the detail of area.
  • Various Shooting Ways Supported: YN40mm F2.8N facilitates various capturing modes. The aperture and more information can be seen from EXIF.
  • Glass Visual Lens, Multilayer Coating: All sequence of merchandise follow cup optical lens and multilayer covering, which successfully allows to improve mild transmittance and restrict backlight and glare.
  • Gold-plating Technology: YN40mm F2.8N assumes gold-plating metal connections to successfully improve indication conductivity and deterioration level of resistance.
Yongnuo YN 40mm f2.8N
Yongnuo YN 40mm f2.8N

Yongnuo YN 40mm f/2.8N Specifications

Focal Length 40mm
Structure 4 groups 6pcs
Aperture Blades 6pcs
Minimum Aperture F/22
Minimum Focal Distance About 0.3m
Maximum Amplification Factor About 0.18x
Driving System DC Motor
Filter Diameter 58mm
Maximum Diameter and Length Aboutφ74×45mm
Weight About 130g