Godox V860 ll Performance And Features Flash Review

The Godox V860 ll is a very well made display device that comes prepared with an AF support light on the top side, a synchronize outlet for cabled leading to and a USB slot for firmware up-dates. The head provides complete point and rotating motions, guide and automated zoom capability, a diffuser / extractor and a white-colored card reflector for catchlights

Godox V860 ll
Godox V860 ll

Flash modified with the coming of aperture concern choices, the coming of complete TTL metering, visual off-camera emails and then, gradually, stereo manages. While Nikon and Canon have organised on to their occasionally effective visual display management techniques for far too long, impressive manufacturers such as Godox, Phottix and others have been making real improvement in the industry of 2.4GHz stereo manages.

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Godox V860 ll Features

The V860 II is the newest Godox providing for Canon, Nikon and Sony models customers, and it provides TTL metering and off-camera management via a wi-fi 2.4GHz stereo program, as well as the regular visual management program. The device can operated with the digital camera’s hotshoe as a leader device for both other Godox flashguns and the marque brand’s own stereo models, or it can enroll in a system managed by an ‘official’ display device – or indeed by an invisible transmitter connected to you.

Godox V860 ll Features
Godox V860 ll Features

The outcome is healthy enough, with an formal information number of 60m/190ft @ ISO 100 at 200mm, and we are available complete information management from complete to 1/128th energy in 1/3rd EV amounts. Flash length numbers variety from 1/300sec at the more highly effective configurations to 1/20,000sec for the less heavy jolts.

The display provides back layer synchronize even if your digicam doesn’t, and high-speed synchronize allows the display models to be used on or off-camera at shutter rates of rate of up to 1/8000sec. The head has zoom capability roles to protect the position of perspective of contacts from 20mm to 200mm, while an extensive position diffuser / extractor provides for central measures as short as 14mm. Extensive rotating and point roles help us immediate that protection in essentially every route except straight downwards.

Strobing can be organized at a variety of wavelengths, extremes and over set times, though the over-heating security requests that we restrict ourselves to 10 series before relaxing. To give you an idea of what the device is able of at ¼ energy it is possible to choose choices between 1 display per second for 7 a few moments and 2 quick flashes at a rate of 100 quick flashes per second. At lowest energy that changes to 90 jolts at 1 per second, and 40 jolts at 100 per second. In regular capturing though Godox says 30 complete energy or 100 ¼ energy quick flashes can be shot in quick sequence before the over-heating security sneakers in and requirements a 10 moment crack.

One of the exciting aspects of the flashgun is its resource of energy. The V860 II is operated by the kind of standard rechargeable lithium ion prevent battery power we might anticipate to see in a large digicam. With a 2000mAh potential battery power is stated to be excellent for 650 full-power jolts and can be energized in about two and a half hours. I’m not sure this comprises a trend, but it seems like one and is easier and cultured than holding and losing limitless AA tissues.

Godox V860 ll Performance

I used a couple of these V860 ll models with the X1 transceiver on a Nikon D810, and across a several of marriages and a few image launches they did very well indeed. Nikon Perhaps must be given credit for the truth of the metering, but the Godox models dealt with you easily.

Godox’s working variety statements seem well-founded and the stereo interaction does in reality perform well through surfaces and around sides, though in a several of circumstances at very near variety I handled to find a sightless identify when using the X1 hotshoe transmitter. I was quite amazed to experience this on a number of situations having the gun in me while capturing, and also while the gun was installed on a segment next to you. The sightless identify seems to be at 45 levels ahead of the transmitter when the display is placed straight together with.

Godox V860 ll Performance Flash
Godox V860 ll Performance Flash Photo By Azis Photography

At higher ranges, more regular perhaps for off-camera perform, the program conducted really very well, but the brief variety stability became a bit of an problem for me until I got used to it – I often keep one in one side and you in the other when working on my own at activities.

At one level I discovered the X1 wouldn’t induce the weapons at all, and no issue what I tried I couldn’t succeed. This was incredibly annoying for a reasonable time. I reduced the issue by chance when I activated one V860 ll from the other and then discovered that instantly the X1 desired to operate again. I’m not entirely sure what the issue was, but suspicious some kind of interaction problem that was somehow unblocked when the second display device started in.

Godox V860 ll Images Quality Flash
Godox V860 ll Images Quality Flash Photo By Azis Photography

The restrictions of the over-heating program will prevent a few customers from being able to use it, but for the the higher part of photography lovers demanding more than 30 complete boost jolts in fast sequence is something of a scarcity. I certainly can’t grumble about reuse times as even at complete power the lithium ion battery power nourishes the display easily enough that we can anticipate a rush every second.

Godox V860 ll Specifications

Godox V860 ll  
Compatible Canon, Nikon, Sony
Guide No 60m/190ft @ ISO 100
Flash coverage 20-200mm (14mm with diffuse)
Zoom control Auto and manual
Tilt/Swivel -7-90 degrees/180 degrees both L and R
Flash duration 1/300-1/20000sec
Exposure TTL and manual
Flash exp comp +/- 3 stops
Sync mode High speed (up to 1/8000sec)
First curtain and second curtain
Strobe-flash Up to 90 bursts at 100Hz
Wireless functions Master, Slave, Off
Slave groups 3 (A, B, C)
Transmission range Optical indoors: 39-49ft
Optical outdoors: 26-33ft
2.4G Radio: 100m/328ft
Channels Optical: 4
Radio: 32
Modelling flash Yes, via camera’s depth of field button
AF assist beam Yes. Range – Centre: 33ft, Edge: 16ft
Power 11.1V/2000mAh Li-ion polymer battery
Recycle time <1.5 seconds
Battery life Approx 650 full power flashes
Sync triggering Hotshoe, 2.5mm port, wireless
Color Temperature 5600 +/-200k
W x H x D 64x76x190mm/2.5x3x7.5in
Weight without battery 430g/15.2oz
Weight with battery 540g/19oz