2017 Canon EOS 60D Features And Specifications Review

The Canon 60D camera is one that is very suitable to use ole a 60D EOS photography because the camera is the successor to the 50D. Canon declared the EOS-D60 two days before PMA 2002. That’s exactly two years since the EOS-D30 was first declared, although that seems like a years ago the D30 did not hit the roads until the end of 2000 (early 2001 in some countries) and so stayed a eye-catching enigma for most of 2000. The D60’s release was mostly expected by D30 entrepreneurs (and those who adhere to websites like ours) and most appear to be relatively satisfied with almost all developments created.

Canon EOS 60D Review
Canon EOS 60D Review

The greatest and most apparent distinction of course being the new six mega-pixel indicator, and that pulls the D30 ‘system’ into the significant group as far as electronic SLR quality is involved (at the duration of composing this review). Although the D60 created a positive change at PMA it was not the only new kid on the marketplace, just a day before The canon eos statement of the EOS-D60 Nikon declared their customer level D100 six mega-pixel electronic SLR, with a better function set and otherwise a identical market focus on the D100 and EOS-D60 are set to go visit go this year.

The fight began beginning, with neither producer introducing operate cost for electronic cameras at PMA, instead began a bet on on-line poker with many speculation and value changes for almost two several weeks after the display. Things, though have both settled down and taken a very eye-catching convert. Canon declared that the new EOS-D60 would cost (in the US) at US$2,199 for the complete kit (includes battery power, battery charger, DC kit) and just US$1,999 for the primary body (no battery power etc.). This seems to have undercut the stated US$2,500 for the D100. Nikon have not as yet declared their formal costs.

At this level we don’t have a D100, it looks like it will definitely be more than a 30 days away and thus at now I’m not in a job to use it to compare in this evaluation. HOWEVER, when I evaluation the D100 I’ll definitely use a D60 to compare reasons, and that will provide to be the visit go between the two electronic cameras.

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Canon EOS 60D Body And Design

Canon EOS-D30 entrepreneurs will instantly experience at home looking at the images above. That’s because very little has modified externally. Indeed the only noticeable changes are the new ‘Digital’ logo on the front, an additional push under the display device (contains the LED’s for the lighted AF points), the gold method change, enhanced on / off change and new rubberized includes on the part of electronic camera. Everything else (on the exterior) remains the same.

Canon EOS 60D Body And Design
Canon EOS 60D Body And Design

For those who don’t own or have not managed a D30, the D60 is intended to appearance and think that a conventional 35 mm EOS. About the only recognizable distinction is the stubbier right hand part of electronic camera (from the back) because there’s no movie. The D60 has a completely steel framework with a nasty external skin. The electronic camera seems effective, despite not having a strong steel body and has no creaks or bend. Experience of the D30 (and the many scrapes it’s taken) have shown that it’s fairly challenging for a ‘consumer’ electronic camera.


On the left side of the Camera you’ll discover all of the digital camera’s relationships. Canon have done away with the individual attach hats over the display synchronize and distant devices (I know most D30 owners lost them within the first month). They have instead simply prolonged and remoulded the current USB / Movie rubber protect to also protect the display synchronize and distant devices. Behind all this rubber you’ll look for the customized USB international airport (cable supplied), Movie Out (cable supplied), display synchronize and distant international airport (N3).

AF Support Lamp

The AF assist mild on the D60 will instantly light up the topic if mild levels are too low for the AF program to make a good concentrate. It has an estimated range of 3.8m (12.5ft). Light also enhances as a redeye decrease program, when redeye decrease is allowed the mild will mild for up to 1.5 a few moments while you half-press the shutter launch (countdown is shown in the viewfinder).

Flash Hot-shoe

The D60’s hot-shoe can be used with Canon and third celebration display models (although functions are restricted with third celebration units). It functions The canon eos newest display technology, E-TTL (Evaluative TTL metering, a pre-flash just before the main flash). Reinforced E-TTL display units: 220EX, 380EX, 420EX, 550EX. Autoflash (E-TTL) is not backed up by EZ, E, EG, ML or TL-series speedlights.

Lens Mount

The D60 has a metallic EF install and thus facilitates all Canon EF group contacts (plus some older as guide concentrate and suitable third celebration lenses), remember that because the indicator has a compact footprint than a 35 mm structure all contacts are topic to an area of perspective plants (focal length multiplier) of 1.6x, thus a 28 mm lens provides the same area of opinion of a 44.8 mm.

Tripod Mount

On the base of the Camera you’ll look for the steel tripod outlet which is arranged exactly with the center line of the lens. While there are no major problems about the base of the D60 it would have been nice to see a rubber foot dish (D1 style) which is always useful for company tripod increasing and steadying the Camera against mild content.

Canon EOS 60D Images Quality


The D60 provides a lot of choices for display photography. For informal taking you have the cameras built-in E-TTL display device, there’s also an E-TTL suitable hotshoe for display models such as the Canon 420EX or 550EX as well as a conventional PC Synchronize international airport for use with studio room strobe techniques. The examples below were taken within a few a few moments of each other to give a (rough) impact of the variations between each and to confirm color precision.

The moon

This probably does not are supposed to be in this classification as it was a 1/15 sec visibility, but I did capture it at evening and I was so satisfied with the taken that I just had to add it. The picture below is a plants of the middle of a D60 taken taken from a tripod using the EF 100-400 mm L lens @ 400 mm, no extra traction devices. Simply simply select the picture below for the full-sized plants.

Canon EOS 60D Images Quality Photo By Azis Photography
Canon EOS 60D Images Quality Photo By Azis Photography


The samples below of a GretagMacbeth ColorChecker Chart were taken in normal daylight with manual white balance taken from the neutral 6.5 patch (no. 21). Roll your mouse over the image to see the differences between the D60 and D30.

Canon EOS 60D Color 17mm ISO 100 Photo By Azis Photography
Canon EOS 60D Color 17mm ISO 100 Photo By Azis Photography

Low Mild Auto Focus

This analyze is designed to measure the minimum amount of sunshine under which you can still concentrate. The concentrate focus on is our lens distortions analyze graph (shown here on the right), digicam is placed exactly 2 m (6.6 ft) away.

Canon EOS 60D Auto Focus 135mm ISO 200 Photo By Azis Photography
Canon EOS 60D Auto Focus 135mm ISO 200 Photo By Azis Photography
Type Multi-Basis, TTL-CT-SIR (TTL secondary phase difference detection)
AF points 3
AF working range EV 0.5-18 (at normal temperature and ISO 100, with the standard chart)
Focusing modes  • One-Shot AF
• Predictive AI Servo AF
• One-Shot/Predictive AI Servo AF switching
• Manual focusing (MF)
AF point selection  • Automatic selection
• Manual selection
Selected AF point display Superimposed in viewfinder and indicated on top LCD panel
AF-assist beam  • Beam emission: Lamp
Effective range: Approx. 3.8 m (at center), beam coverage: 28mm (135 equivalent) lens angle covered
• Conditions for emission: Emitted automatically under low light (EV 4 or lower at ISO 100)
• Emitted in shooting modes except Landscape and Sports.
• Emission can be disabled with C.Fn-5 (including external Speedlite).
• Emissions: 6 times in three bursts
• Emission stops when focus is achieved.
• Light source: Halogen krypton lamp
• With EX-, EZ-, and E-series Speedlites
• With 550EX, 540EZ, and ST-E2: The external Speedlite’s AF-assist light will be emitted regardless of AF point selection mode (automatic or manual).
• With other EOS-dedicated Speedlites: When the center AF point has been selected, the external Speedlite’s AF-assist light will be emitted. If a peripheral AF point is selected, the camera’s AF-assist light will be emitted.

Light levels are progressively decreased until you can no longer concentrate. Before the shutter release is half pushed the lens is personally focused to the nearest topic distance (typically 0.5 m) to “throw the concentrate out”. This analyze focus on is the the best possible type of topic for most AF systems (as it has a vertical line at its center).

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Canon EOS 60D Specifications

Type Digital AF SLR (Single plate CMOS sensor /Direct Imaging)
Price US: US$2,199 (Full Kit) or US$1,999 (Body only, no battery, charger etc.)
Recording medium Type I and II CF card
Image format 22.7 x 15.1 mm
Compatible lenses Canon EF lenses (all) (due to max. aperture metering, stopped-down shooting not possible)
Lens mount Canon EF mount
FOV crop Approx. 1.6x (also known as focal length multiplier)


External interface
Digital terminal USB Ver. 1.1
Video output terminal NTSC/PAL
Remote control terminal N3-type terminal
PC termninal Provided