The New Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

Manfrotto 190 sequence tripod has returned again with a few new and improved functions to consider. Famous as a lightweight semi-professional style and made of cross-woven graphite, the 190 ($409.88 body only) would certainly be an eye-catching accessory for any Camera kit. Manfrotto created several developments to the new 190 style, such as the quick-release levers, describing horizontally line, and leg position selectors. But I was most fascinated to see if the new 190’s developments position it far enough beyond the old 190, which cost $259.95, to rationalize the $150 price increase.

Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review
Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod Review

Manfrotto delivered the new 190CXPRO3 with the MH055M8-Q5 055 MAG Photo-Movie Go, which has the Q5 Fast Launch Program ($369.88), so if you’re a multiple photographer/videographer, this is a welcome complement to the evaluation. I invested a lot of time with this tripod/head mixture capturing picture and movie, so relax again let me tell you what I came across.

Manfrotto 190CXPRO3 Key Features

  • Quick Energy Lock
  • 90-degree Column
  • Leg-angle Selectors
  • Rotating Stabilizing Bubble
  • Easy Link
  • Material: As well as fibers tube with Mineral magnesium castings
  • Leg Pipe Diameter: 24.8, 20.4, 16mm
  • Leg Angles: 25, 46, 66, 88 degrees
  • Closed Length: 24 inches wide (61cm)
  • Load Capacity: 15.43 lbs. (7kg)
  • Maximum Height: 63 in. (160cm)
  • Maximum Size (with middle line down): 53.15 in. (135cm)
  • Minimum Height: 3.54 in. (9.0cm)
  • Weight: 3.53 lbs. (1.6kg)

Specs Showdown

Like its forerunner, the new Manfrotto 190 is available in two different content variations: metal and graphite. It also comes in three or four-section leg editions, and our style became of be the three-section, graphite style. Measurements are the same old 190, but there are a few modifications. The new 190 actions 24 inches wide (61cm) in its shut condition, and is 3.53 weight (1.6kg). This is over one inches more time in shut condition and nearly one lb bulkier than the old 190.

On the plus part, the new 190’s highest possible height is 63 inches wide (160cm), and 53.15 inches wide (135cm) with the middle line down. The old 190 could only accomplish 57.48 and 48.03 inches wide, so there is obtain high at the compromise of compactness and mobility.

Perhaps that additional large brought about the new 190’s capability to manage lots of up to 15.43 weight (7kg), which is a substantial profit from the old 190’s 11.02 weight (5kg) fill potential. The primary modifications between both designs steam down to the proven reality that the new 190 can assistance heftier plenty and get a higher highest possible height, while getting more than one inches in convenient duration and almost one lb more huge.

New Design

Specs aside, the new 190 boasts a few structural functions that position it before the mature style. First off, Manfrotto remodeled the leg hair with Fast Energy Secure levers. While the name of the function appears to be innovative, all Manfrotto really did was stretch out the securing levers and bend them further around the feet. The overall improved duration provides more make use of to start all of the leg hair with one part, as compared to the old system, which had more compact hair that managed to get hard to start all at once, especially with one part.

The new 190's Quick Power Lock system.
The new 190’s Quick Power Lock system.

Although I was missing an old 190 on part to compete with, I used my Manfrotto 294 graphite tripod, which has the same securing system as the old 190. Certainly, the new 190’s Fast Energy Secure levers were simpler to function than the 294’s, but it was not that much better. Actually I was able to start the 294’s hair at once with one part – it just was not as comfort and ease helpful. Of course, these were three-section designs, so the Fast Energy Locks would help customers of four-leg designs even more.

Another remodeled area on the new 190 is the 90-degree center line, which expands up and out of its launching to be tilted side to side for more flexibility. The center line can also move in a complete 360-degree group for accurate Camera positioning. Function of the 90-degree center line is just like the old 190. By pushing a launch key on the end of the center line, the line can be raised up through the center launching, set side to side, and then forced back through the launching before being stiffened.

The only difference with the new design is that Manfrotto hid the center line secure in the center of the tripod, enabling it to increase way up only when the line is drawn all the way up, whereas the old design had this receiver completely placed above the structure. This allowed Manfrotto to add additional size to the tripod without much of its compactness.

In the Field

The new Manfrotto 190 was similar to the 294 I examined last year in conditions of size, weight, and leg size. However, one thing I observed about the new 190 as opposed to 294 and old 190 was its rock-solid feel. Manfrotto bulked up the mineral magnesium castings on the new 190, which led to very firm efficiency while capturing in the area. If size and space are not big aspects, I suggest increasing the leg perspectives to 46 levels, which is second down from the steepest available position. This included hardness really assisted, especially in wet grassy areas and stone. The addition of all-terrain legs would have been awesome insurance, but the new 190 conducted more than effectively. The Quick Power Hair were large and easy to recognize, especially using one side, but they were merely an enhancement from an ergonomic office viewpoint, as it took me the same period of time to create my 294 as it did the new 190. So that’s a plus.

One push of a button on the 190's carbon fiber center column enables horizontal positioning.
One push of a button on the 190’s carbon fiber center column enables horizontal positioning.

Getting a Head

While wedding of picture and movie certification carries on to accentuate, I thought it would be useful to evaluate the new 190 with one of Manfrotto’s more exclusive leads developed to fit the multiple photographers out there. The 055 MAG Photo-Movie Go is a relatively new head provided by the organization, and it’s designed turnover between picture and video-friendly orientations. In fact, Manfrotto says the 055 MAG Photo-Movie Go is perfect for HD DSLRs with included movie functions. After using a football head tripod to movie a property movie lately, I can appreciate DSLR movie photographers who need far more control without mobility.

Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod
Manfrotto 190 Series Carbon Fiber Tripod

The 055 MAG Photo-Movie Go is made for Manfrotto’s more strong 055 tripods, but it got along perfectly with the new 190. It is quite a large head made of mineral magnesium, with a working size of 5.32 inches wide (153mm), and with a weight of 2.8 weight (1.28 kg). Remarkably, the 055 MAG Photo-Movie head’s protection payload is just like that of the new 190’s 15.43 weight (7kg).

Summing Up

One thing is for certain: The new Manfrotto 190-series tripods are definitely hotter and more comfort and ease audio than their forerunner designs. They can also assistance heftier plenty and can achieve a higher highest possible size. Construction-wise, the new 190 is better developed, despite being a little bit less convenient then the old 190 in regards to weight.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to cost, and the new 190 might be a try to offer you when as opposed to old 190. If you can deal with the old 190’s reduced load-bearing potential and more compact highest possible size, you save some money, at least while they’re still available. If you have variety price variety, the new 190 is an update in more ways than one. However, there are no improvements that drive the new 190 beyond the old to provide it ancient.

I should also put the cost of the new 190 into viewpoint in comparison to its opponents. Take the Vanguard Abeo Pro kit, for example, one that I will evaluation soon. This is all for a $500 cost tag. The Manfrotto 190 graphite design is over $400 for just the tripod alone. Add another $200-300 for a good joystick comparative head, and needless to say which organization has the side in the cost division.