2017 Samsung Galaxy NX Review

This locations New Samsung in a unique position. It could well be the only digital Camera manufacturer (apart from maybe Sony) that has the know-how to design and provide an Android-powered “connected camera” without having to source either digital Camera or mobile technology on the outside. The first result of this mixture of technology was last year’s Galaxy Camera, usually a mixture between a New new samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone and the 16x zoom ability capability WB850F light and portable digital Camera. The Galaxy Camera was not the first digital Camera running Android working system working system but probably the first one that was fun to use. Past initiatives at an Android/compact digital Camera several by Nikon and Polaroid seemed rather half-baked and not quite ready for consumption.

Samsung Galaxy NX Review
Samsung Galaxy NX Review

That said, the Galaxy Camera was not quite without its mistakes. In our assessment of the system we found the digital Camera client interface to be a little complicated and the image did not really get anywhere near dedicated cameras in its price section. The Galaxy Camera was usually a very expensive snapshot-camera with the ability to put in and run large numbers of programs, the managing power of a smartphone, a very flexible 21x zoom ability capability range and a affordable built-in show. That made it a lot of fun to use and a amazing system for photo-centric smartphone clients and that’s not bad at all for a first development product.

Now the Galaxy NX system digital Camera is taking things an extremely large step further and shows how serious New new samsung really is about developing Android-powered cameras the image capturing devices of the future. The Galaxy NX is not only the first mirrorless system digital Camera managed by Search engines Android working system working system OS but also the first to offer a Raw data framework, which makes it eye-catching to an entirely different client group than the Galaxy Camera.

The Galaxy NX delivers together the appearance of Samsung’s NX20 mirrorless digital Camera with digital Camera aspects of the newer NX300. The needs the smartphone components, such as processer speed and observe size and top quality look very similar to Samsung’s 2012 design Galaxy S3 and are not quite on the level of the latest major cellphone, the Galaxy S4. At present though, we have no idea what it is likely to cost.

New samsung Galaxy NX Key Features

  • 20.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor
  • DRIMe IV picture processor
  • ISO 100-25600
  • Samsung NX lens mount
  • 1.6 GHz quad-core processor
  • Android 4.2 Jam Bean
  • 4.8-inch 1280 x 720 pixel LCD screen
  • SVGA Digital Viewfinder
  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage space and Micro-SD slot
  • NFC
  • WiFi and 3G/4G LTE connectivity
  • 4,360 mAh battery
  • Controllable via Smartcamera app from Android operating system and iOS devices

Managing & operation

We’ve only had very little time to perform with a model Camera, so we’ll have to hold back around for any manufacturing unit before we could create any last tests but it’s already clear that capturing with the Galaxy NX will require some adjustment from photography lovers who are used to working more “traditional” cameras.

As most configurations are managed through you app in Android working system the number of management buttons on you is little. There are no manages at all on the rear again and on the top the video and shutter management buttons, a management switch and the display key is all you get. This lack of physical manages indicates that when you are creating your photos using the digital viewfinder you depend almost specifically on Samsung’s i-Fn key on the lens to change your configurations.

Samsung Galaxy NX Body
Samsung Galaxy NX Body

The management switch on the top should allow for easy adjustment of configurations as well. However, automatically the switch acts as a method switch when you is operated up. A long click on the management switch takes you into Android working system, but unfortunately doesn’t then take you returning to you app.

The huge display, which is the same size and quality as on the Galaxy S3 smart phone and the Galaxy Camera, and the significant battery power also mean that you is about the same size as a mid-range SLR like the Cannon 60D or Nikon D7100, and the EVF indicates it’s almost as high. The decision to create the Galaxy NX’s display as huge as its smart phone counterparts indicates that you can function the Android working system OS exactly in the same way that you are used to from your phone but it also indicates that one of the main advantages of mirrorless systems over DSLRs – their relatively lightweight measurements – has been nullified.

This idea – the lowest of exterior management buttons and manages, with a touchscreen display screen main to the function – worked well reasonably well on a point-and-shoot Camera like the Galaxy Camera but it continues to be to be seen how well suitable it is for a Camera that comes with an digital viewfinder and is directed at viewers that wants to perform with their Camera configurations more frequently.

Initial thoughts

By applying Android os in a mirrorless program Camera New samsung helps guide you serious it is about using the Search engines OS not only in point-and-shoot devices like the Universe Camera but also models that are targeted at more serious photography lovers who value the ability to modify contacts, the better picture quality of huge receptors and the freedom of handling Raw information.

On paper the Universe NX has more than capable elements components but the big measurements mean it’s almost as heavy as a mid-size DSLR and due to the few exterior manages photography lovers who structure their photos through the electronic viewfinder and like to modify their configurations frequently will have to seriously adjust their capturing style. The Android os Camera app offers a whole new way of operating the Camera such as speech control but only a full-test will show how well the idea works on a program Camera.

Samsung Galaxy NX
Samsung Galaxy NX

Another important aspect for the human body’s success will be the desire of Android os designers to improve their third-party Camera and modifying applications for the NX. Unfortunately this relationship is a round one. The better the NX sales numbers will be the more inviting the device will be to designers and the more fully suitable applications are available the more attrative it is to customers. We will have to wait and see if New samsung can can come up with any creative solutions to deal with this chicken-and-egg situation.

Overall the Universe NX looks like an interesting proven fact that doesn’t appear to be without its faults, but New samsung diserves some cheers for the strong move of applying Search engines Android os OS in a mirrorless program Camera and we are looking forward to receiving a production unit for examining.