The New Canon premieres Cinema EOS C200 and C200B 4K Dual Pixel


Canon has was released the third creation of its Theatre EOS range of professional manufacturing cameras, the EOS C200. The camera will also be marketed without an LCD, viewfinder, manage or hold designs as the ‘C200B’. The C200s will catch 4K video in both DCI and UHD part percentages, from a 8.85MP Double Pixel AF Extremely 35 structure (~APS-C) indicator. They can capture at up to 60/50p.

Canon premieres Cinema EOS C200 and C200B 4K Dual Pixel

The C200 designs also gain a exclusive Theatre Raw En aning catch structure. This will allow 60 and 50p catch of 10-bit data or 30/25/24p catch in 12-bit method, immediate to CFast card. Canon pressures the ability to use these Theatre Raw En aning types for HDR catch and a advanced level of versatility for rating. The cameras can also at the same time catch MP4 proxies data files to SD credit cards.

The cameras can also capture 1080 video at up to 120/100p or create more in depth, oversampled 1080 video at lower structure rates from their 4K catch. 4K video can also be released at 8-bit data files to SD credit cards. Canon says the prefers of DaVinci Take care of, Press Musician, Elite Pro CC and Final Cut Pro X will add support for Theatre Raw En aning in the coming months. The C200B will be available from Aug 2017 at an amount of around $5999. The components force the cost of the C200 to around $7499.

Canon EOS C200 and Canon EOS C200BKey Features

  • Over Testing HD Processing*: increases understanding assisting reduce noise
  • Wide DR Gamma: allows too much exposure by maintaining a continual with a gamma curve
  • ISO 100-102400 and 54db gain: top quality in both low understanding and low-light environments
  • In-Camera ND Filter: Inner ND device allows cleaning of cup for easier maintenance
  • ACESproxy Support: Provides consistent color space in pictures, assisting to enhance efficiency
  • Two SD cards and one CFast™ cards spots for internal recording
  • Improved hold and Theatre EOS System suitable connection method
  • Support for Canon CINE-SERVO and EF Theatre Lenses

today announced the Rule EOS C200 and Rule EOS C200B Digital Cinema Digital cameras, the latest addendums to its suggested Cinema EOS line of professional cinema cameras. Intended to meet up with the cruel needs of filmmakers and TV production clients, the new Rule cinema promotions will combine the ability to use of primary cinema cameras with exciting new, high-end features that are perfect for cinema, recorded, wildlife, wedding and actions reveals.

Representing the third production of the Cinema EOS system, the Rule EOS C200 and Rule EOS C200B Digital Cinema Digital cameras operate the latest in Rule technological innovation and offer two 4K movie types, Canon’s new Cinema RAW Light and MP4, enhanced for those passionate about recording wonderful HDR movie. Together with a lately designed dual DIGIC DV6 image managing system, Canon’s identified Double Pixel CMOS AF system that has been enhanced operability for professionals, these new products can capturing awesome 4K movie across a number of production programs.

“Building upon the success of our Theatre EOS program and considering reviews from customers in the field, the new Canon EOS C200 and EOS C200B Electronic Theatre Digital cameras provide highly effective and flexible alternatives for manufacturing customers desperate to increase their creativeness and discover it is likely that HDR cinematography,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, chief executive and COO of Canon U.S.A., Inc. “With an impressive new information file types available, together with enhanced operability that professionals need, the new creation of Theatre EOS cameras are positioned to become you of choice for many in the film maker group.”

Canon premieres Cinema EOS C200 and C200B 4K Dual Pixel

Based on reviews from Theatre EOS customers, this new providing will be available in two options, while keeping the same primary technological innovation within. The Canon EOS C200 Electronic Theatre Electronic camera is a production-ready solution that can be used right out of the box, associated with an LCD Observe, LCD Connection, Electronic camera Hold and Handle Unit. The camera also comes with a 1.77 million dot OLED Electronic View Locater (EVF). For customers who desire more versatility and the ability to art customized configurations designed to their topic or environment, the Canon EOS C200B Electronic Theatre Electronic camera provides cinematographers the same camera without these components and the EVF to improve catching using a gimbal, drone or a variety of other options.

New Functions and Benefits

The Canon EOS C200 and Canon EOS C200B Electronic Theatre Digital cameras game the same 8.85MP CMOS indicator, which mixes with a recently designed double DIGIC DV6 picture handling program to help process high-resolution picture information and history movie from Complete HD (1920×1080) and 2K (2048×1080) to 4K UHD (3840×2160) and 4K DCI (4096×2160). A primary choice of the third creation Theatre EOS System, this new handling system provides wide-ranging significant abilities and enhanced function when catching high-quality HDR movie.

The mixture of indicator and recently designed handling program also allows for the assistance for two new 4K information file types designed to help improve work-flow and make 4K and HDR documenting more available for filmmakers. Theatre RAW Light, available in 4K 60p/50p at 10 bit and 30p/25p/24p at 12 bit, allows customers to history information internal to a CFastTM cards by cutting information dimension to about one-third to one-fifth of a Theatre RAW information file, without losing rating versatility. Due to the reduced great quality, customers will appreciate rich highly effective range and easier post handling without compromising true 4K great quality. Alongside documenting to a CFastTM cards, proxies information (MP4) can also be at the same time documented to an SD cards for use in off-line modifying.

Canon premieres Cinema EOS C200 and C200B 4K Dual Pixel

Additionally, filmmakers will also be able to trade 4K in MP4 structure on flexible SD press cards at 60/50/30/25/24P at 8 bit. Support for UHD documenting allows for use in cinema and transmitting programs or circumstances where long documenting times are needed while still keeping top picture great quality. Electronic cinema cameras also offer slowly movement Complete HD documenting assistance at up to 120fps to help ensure every structure is taken in beautiful details.

The Canon EOS C200 and Canon EOS C200B Electronic Theatre Digital cameras feature Innovative Concentrate Control which enables assist with 4K catching that requirements precise concentrating, whether from individual or distant function. Canon’s recommended Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology enables you to increase the distance of the area of interest to allow quicker focus during 4K videos. This also allows for highly precise ongoing AF and face recognition AF when using EF contacts. For 4K movie possibilities that call for precise focus precision that can’t examined on an HD monitor, customers can also take advantage of the LCD Observe LM-V1 (supplied with the EOS C200 camera), which provides user-friendly touch concentrating assistance to help filmmakers achieve innovative concentrating even as only one owner.

Theatre RAW Mild Interface

Editing and rating of Theatre RAW Mild movie structure will be reinforced in DaVinci Take care of of Blackmagic Style. Modifying will also be possible in Press Composer® from Devoted Technology, using Canon RAW Plug-in for Devoted Press Access. This structure can also be prepared using a Canon program, Theatre RAW Growth.Presentations using these software applications will be given at the 2017 Cine Equipment Expo July 1st-4th in The show biz industry, CA.

Pricing and Availability

The Canon EOS C200 and EOS C200B Electronic Theatre Electronic cameras are planned to be available in Aug 2017 for approximated retail store costs of $7,499 and $5,999 respectively. The EOS C200 comes prepared with additional components such as the LM-V1 LCD Observe, LA-V1 LCD Connection, GR-V1 Electronic camera Hold and HDU-2 Manage Device. These components will also be marketed independently and available in Sept 2017.