Olympus C-3030Z Features And Specification Review

Olympus’s improved C-2020Z is the C-3030Z, with basically identical functions to its mature sibling but with a awesome new dark metal situation, broader capturing perspectives and the 3.3 mega-pixel CCD. The C-3030Z will probably be up near the top of most customers details and just like the C-2020Z there’ll always be a intense discussion over the Olympus C-3030Z and Nikon Coolpix 990.

Olympus C-3030Z Review
Olympus C-3030Z Review

In numerous locations in this evaluation I will relate to how “it analyzes with the 990”, basically because (a) the 990 begins this evaluation as the major digicam in my encounter and (b) that’s the most popular evaluation customers will create (990 vs. C-3030Z).

Key Features

  • 3.34 mega-pixel CCD, 2048 x 1536 (3.14 effective) vs. 1600 x 1200 (1.92 effective)
  • Larger storage space shield (faster function but necessary for the extra pixels)
  • Lens now 32mm to 96mm vs. 38mm to 115mm
  • Lens more slowly (F2.8 vs. F2.0)
  • Full-Time AF option (continual focusing)
  • Smooth zoom capability up to 2.5x
  • Flash outcome modification (+/-2EV in 0.3EV steps)
  • Flash synchronize plug now Olympus exclusive 5-pin connector
  • Custom start-up settings
  • Neck band installs changed
  • Thicker hand grip
  • Re-orientated battery power section and improved battery power door
  • Different top “control panel” LCD layout
  • Support for the new exclusive Olympus CR-V3 Lithium battery power power (big deal!)
  • Audio documenting / AV Movies
  • 16MB SmartMedia included vs. 8MB
  • Rechargeable battery power power & Battery charger no longer included (boo!)
  • USB connectivity
  • All steel case (C-2020Z was 50 percent steel 50 percent plastic)

Olympus C-3030Z Body And Design

Looks very trendy doesn’t it? Olympus has noticed how important the complete and construction is to retail store sales. The C-2020Z was a little too nasty and delicate feeling, the C-3030Z is a huge enhancement, now the whole situation (apart from the section doors) is that mineral magnesium metal we’ve seen before. The great mottled commercial flat look is quite awesome too and gives you a top quality experience.

Olympus C-3030Z Body And Design
Olympus C-3030Z Body And Design

In Hand

Weight stability is excellent, you tends most of the bodyweight into the hand of your side, it’s clearly less heavy than the 990 and thus becomes more convenient because of it (it’s also smaller). Digital camera does experience great in your side most of the manages are easily available. One thing I’d like to repeat at this point is I wish digicam producers would understand that these digital cameras are side digital cameras, not throat digital cameras.. A good side band on the side of you would be perfect to carry you (I find myself looping the throat band around my hand and having it that way).

SmartMedia Compartment

Another element directly off the C-2020Z is the SmartMedia section and entrance, although on the C-3030Z it has the same mottled impact as the metal areas of the situation. Ejecting SmartMedia is as simple as forcing it in fractionally and out it bursts. The entrance is well designed and should last well. The black rectangular shape on the back of the situation near the entrance is the SmartMedia action caution light.. When this is playful you is obtaining the cards and the cards should not be eliminated… it’s also useful for documenting access times.

Olympus C-3030Z Features

Picture Dimension / Quality

The C-3030Z offers no less than 15 different mixtures of image size and top quality. The a little bit insane thing is that based on the picture size you want the features are utilized through different selection choices in different locations.. I’d really have recommended two simple selection choices, one for image size (2048 x 1536, 1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960, 1024 x 768, 640 x 480) and one for top quality (TIFF, SHQ, HQ, SQ).

To odor of what each mixture of image size and top quality creates the desk below is a combination referrals of image size against top quality with an innovative image available for each, all pictures were taken within a few moments of each other of the same topic. Please observe that the TIFF pictures are VERY large (6.6 MB) please only obtain these pictures if (a) you really need to and (b) you have the data transfer useage and plan to completely obtain the picture, otherwise you’re spending data transfer useage.

ISO (Sensitivity) Adjustment

ISO equivalence on a digicam is the capability to improve the understanding of the CCD to allow for quicker shutter rates of speed and/or better efficiency in low mild. The way this performs in a digicam is by “turning up the volume” on the CCD’s indication amps. Nothing is without its cost however and doing so also increases any disturbance that may be existing. Below are three pictures, to be able ISO 100, 200 and 400.

Picture Effects

The C-3030Z functions a variety of picture results which are used as filtration after the picture is taken (and are also proven in the stay preview). Below are four examples comprising each of picture impact ways.

Picture Sharpening

The C-3030Z provides management over the inner improving methods of you, you could decide among three stages of improving . The examples below are 100% plants of different improving stages for the same field.

Olympus C-3030Z Images Quality

Overall Images Quality

The C-3030Z generates well metered, distinct and attractive (important word) pictures. Colors display better vividness than some of its opponents and this contributes to the overall experience of pictures you generates. The variety of guide management is amazing and allows the wedding photographer in you to get out and discover a little more, or you can just keep factors alone and click away throughout the day secure knowing you’re likely to get an excellent set of pictures at the end.

Images Quality Black & White
Images Quality Black & White

My niggle would be that the shift up to 3 mega pixels should have come with a product new lens program (not one in accordance with the C-2020Z glass) as it’s apparent (by the chromatic aberrations) that at 3 mega pixels this cup has gone beyond its abilities. As with all my opinions views indicated are my own, the guidance would be to obtain the examples and enjoy them for yourselves.

White-colored Balance

The C-3030Z features just 4 guide white stability settings: Excellent (daylight), Gloomy (daylight), Incandescent and Neon. There’s no ability to set a guide predetermined (sampled from the scene) or optimize the white stability (as seen on the 990). This results in you with less white stability options for those crucial photos…The examples below have digital camera local XGA pictures behind them to preserve space for storage and data transfer useage.

Images Quality ISO 100, 3.2 sec
Images Quality ISO 100, 3.2 sec

Quality Comparison

Shots here are of the PIMA/ISO 12233 conventional resolution test graph (more available to evaluate and contrast in our evaluation database). Studio room light, digital cameras set to auto, Visibility settlement +0.7 EV for all digital cameras. How to browse the charts: All principles are 1/100 th lines/picture height/width. So the “10” value means 1000.

Red Route Noise

The same red channel nosie we’d seen on the 990 is also obvious on the C-3030Z (not suprising saying they discuss the same CCD). This disturbance can be fixed using third celebration resources and is only noticeable in SOME photos.

Olympus C-3030Z Specifications

Street Price
Max resolution
2048 x 1536
Low resolution
1600 x 1200, 1280 x 960,
1024 x 768, 640 & 480
Image ratio w:h
CCD pixels
3.34 megapixels (3.24 effective)
CCD size
1/1.8″ (0.556″)
ISO rating
Auto, 100, 200, 400
Olympus 6 elements in 8 groups, F2.8
Zoom wide (W)
32 mm
Zoom tele (T)
96 mm (3 x)
Digital zoom
Yes, smooth up to 2.5x
Auto Focus
Yes (Contrast detection)
Manual Focus
Yes, 20cm (8″) – Infinity
Normal focus range
80 cm (31″) – Infinity
Macro focus range
20 cm (8″) – 80 cm (31″)
Five blade iris diaphragm
White balance override
Yes – 5 position
Aperture range
F2.8 – F11 (wide & tele)
Min shutter
1 sec (auto), 16 sec (manual)
Max shutter
1/800 sec, 1/10,000 sec (movie mode)
Built-in Flash
Yes, internal
Flash Guide No.
4m/12.5ft at F2.8 / ISO 100
External Flash Yes, Olympus 5-pin connector (FL-40)
Flash modes
Auto, Fill-in, Anti-red-eye, Slow Sync, Off
Exposure adjustment
-2EV to +2EV in 1/3EV steps
Center-weighted, Spot
Aperture priority
Yes, full range (13 positions: F2.8 – F11)
Shutter priority
Yes, full range (30 positions: 1s – 1/800s)
Full manual
Yes, full range (13 apertures: F2.8 – F11)
& (42 shutter speeds: 16s – 1/800s)
Lens thread
Yes using optional Olympus adapter or 3rd party
Continuous / Burst
Yes (3.3fps full size), QuickTime (15 fps)
Tripod mount
Yes, 12s delay
Remote control
InfraRed supplied
Time-lapse recording
Video out
Yes (output varies by region)
Storage types
SmartMedia (up to 64MB)
Storage included
16 MB SmartMedia
Uncompressed format
Compressed format
Quality Levels
Optical (85% frame coverage)
1.8″, 114,000 pixels
Playback zoom
Yes, 1.5x to 3.0x in 0.5x steps
Operating system
USB (Serial PC / Mac optional cable)
Battery / Charger
2 x Olympus CR-V3 Lithium batteries
4 x AA (NiMH rechargeable recommended)
Weight (inc. batteries)
380 g (13.4 oz)
109 x 66 x 76 mm
(4.3″ x 2.6″ x 3″)
Notes Voice recording